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Hero Briton, 18, recalls fighting off crocodile in horror attack: ‘I went into overdrive’

Amelie Osborn-Smith, 18, explained how her body went into “overdrive” while speaking for the first time since the incident took place. A 10-foot crocodile dragged her into a death roll while swimming with friends in the mighty Zambezi river near the world-famous Victoria Falls.

Ms Osborn-Smith spoke from her hospital bed about the crocodile attack.

She said: “You don’t really think in that situation.

“People say you see your life flash before your eyes, but you don’t.

“You just think, ‘How did I get out of this situation’.

“Your mind just goes into overdrive and you just think about how to get out.

“I was just very, very lucky.”

The 18-year-old, from Hampshire, was on a white water rafting adventure as part of a gap year in Zambia.

Ms Osborn-Smith’s grandmother has links with Zambia – with her owning a farm in the country.

Amazingly, the heroic Briton vowed she has zero regrets about visiting the country – even declaring she will one day return.

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He said: “Although still very shocked and suffering from frequent flashbacks and nightmares, Amelie remains calm, upbeat and brave.

“She feels extremely grateful for the excellent treatment that she has been given.”

After being taken in a helicopter to nearby Livingstone, then further on to the capital Lusaka, an incredible 240 miles away.

Following this epic journey, doctors performed a number of surgeries to save her leg.

The brave woman added: “When the accident happened I fully accepted the fact I was going to lose my foot.

“I said to all my friends, ‘It’s fine, I have lost my foot, I am still alive.

“Then I was told that my foot’s gonna be fine, that I will be able to walk and it’s just such a relief.”