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Boris and Biden speeches accused of ‘double standard’ over public reception to blunders

Australian Sky News host Chris Kenny commented on Boris Johnson’s gaffe-laden speech to the CBI and the media’s response to it. But Mr Kenny remarked that while Mr Johnson has been widely lambasted by the global press with many newspapers running front pages on the disastrous presentation, US President Joe Biden does not see the same criticisms despite arguing he is more prone to mistakes. Mr Kenny accused commentators of “double standards” and said most of the global media would not dare scrutinise Joe Biden this way.

Speaking on Sky News Australia, Mr Kenny noted because of Mr Johnson’s blunders from the one speech he has garnered much criticism in the UK and across the world.

In an interview with ITV News soon after the speech, a reporter asked the Prime Minister if he was “ok”.

Mr Johnson replied: “I think that people got the vast majority of the points that I wanted to make and I thought it went over well.”

National newspapers also ran critical frontpages of the speech with the Metro going with “A Peppa Pig’s ear” and the Daily Star writing “A pork pie short of a picnic”.

But Mr Kenny was surprised at the condemnation of Mr Johnson and noted Mr Biden escapes that level of attack despite being just as guilty.

During his show, Mr Kenny showed a clip of Mr Biden stumbling on his words where he said: “So the best way to get something done…  if you… if you hold near and dear to you err… like to be able… anyway.”

Mr Kenny joked Mr Biden should have shuffled papers like Mr Johnson to play off the gaffe before recalling the US president fell asleep at Cop26.

He said: “Fair enough, I’m all for scrutiny of politicians, but meanwhile, the leader of the free world rambles incoherently.”

The Australian commentator concluded by saying he believes if Mr Biden was a Conservative he would be more attacked for his demeanour.

Mr Johnson delivered a speech to the CBI where he attempted to promote the UK’s green technology to industrial leaders but the message was quickly lost after several blunders plagued the speech.

Towards the end of the presentation, Mr Johnson lost his place in his notes and repeatedly apologised as he tried to restart.

Mr Johnson also made car noises and made references to Lenin during his speech which raised eyebrows for viewers.

The Prime Minister concluded his speech with an anecdote on his recent trip to Peppa Pig World and how British creativity will help launch the green industrial revolution.

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Mr Biden has also been guilty of public gaffes, either through his speeches or engagements, which has been picked up by some American publications.

Recently, Mr Biden visited Detroit to promote his infrastructure bill and visit an electric vehicle factory.

But watchers noted the President, who has been a firm supporter of a mask mandate, was not wearing his as he shook hands but put one on for a photo with a fan.

Mr Biden also told preschoolers he tries to avoid reporters and their questions during a strange clip.

During the UN General Assembly, Mr Biden faced official complaints from White House reporters that he was avoiding them as many were prevented from asking him questions by handlers.

In a photo opportunity in the Oval Office, Mr Johnson joined Mr Biden as reporters took pictures and UK journalists were invited to ask questions.

However, soon after the questions were asked, handlers began frantically ushering reporters out of the room and shouting over them so their voices could not be heard.